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Hello Deviants, So I've been M.I.A due to college but I am now back. I see we have a lot of new members, welcome to all of you. Take a minute to introduce yourself in the Introduction Thread! Post about your favorite serial killer or just chat with other members. Enjoy Very Happy ~Moloko


 Hi im new can I ask you some thing??

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Hi im new can I ask you some thing?? Empty
PostSubject: Hi im new can I ask you some thing??   Hi im new can I ask you some thing?? EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 7:25 am

This is a forum on killing people right? Looks like someone just made it, I can see login, even though I already did. o.o

But any way uh i'm hoping this is the real deal, people here are actually killing people right? I need help here im gonna kill about 6 people.
Then turn my self.

So pretty much tell me if this is cerial xPPPP

Who am I? Anthony Sterling, 14. Hate mornings. Evenings. Afternoons. @.@
Just wanna kill every one I hate and live in a prison so I dont have to worry any more.
(Im killing bad people, they are BAD people..)

Oh shit wait no theres log out.. NVM about that first thing..
(Testin this out, seein' if you censor, checkin edit. Yahh.. x-x)

Im serious about this im just trying to be a little funny. But oh my gawd, you know how long it took me to find a forum thats about killing people? Dahm, e-e. Startin to feel like there are barely any members. But hey it's been like 2 minutes. o-o
SO AMAZED ABOUT THIS. Amazing, didnt think there'd be a forum like this. My head hurts.. Hey this forum isn't full of sick murderers right? I mean I need to know how to kill people, not get molested.

And if it isnt a real place for killing people can you tell me where to go for a forum like that. I only have like 2 weeks here so, want every thing to go perfect.. I mean I was practicing stabbing but I actually dropped the knife and broke out laughing. WHAT IF THAT HAPPENED IF WHEN I WAS DOIN' IT XD... But yeah..

Startin to feel like some people've seen this and thought that the guy that typed it's crazy... Well I was reading some of the other peoples threads n' posts. I don't think this is really what I was looking for. In a few weeks maybe you guys'll write about me n' what I did ^-^

Wait actually ima relax for a few days. Just kill everyone I live with and steal their money and live off food I get at the corner store I live next to.. Relax for a few months instead of days e-e..
-Anthony Sterling
-Every time you're eating mcdonalds, u fuhkin remember me! afro
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Hi im new can I ask you some thing??
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