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Hello Deviants, So I've been M.I.A due to college but I am now back. I see we have a lot of new members, welcome to all of you. Take a minute to introduce yourself in the Introduction Thread! Post about your favorite serial killer or just chat with other members. Enjoy Very Happy ~Moloko


 hello peoples

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PostSubject: hello peoples   hello peoples EmptyTue Sep 20, 2011 3:52 pm

uh hey everyone

looks like the freshest f*ck on the forum. i am a proudly declared psychopath/deviant. i love cults, and everything and anything to do with the most vile and esoteric of them. i hope to add cool shi*t to the forum and get this biatch well noticed! so yeah.
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PostSubject: Re: hello peoples   hello peoples EmptySat May 25, 2013 4:24 am

So well.... an introduction... I hate do those things, I never know what talk about me ehw! I born 28 November 1994, same day Jeffrey Dahmer died, that's a cool thing about me. I like violent movies, and indie and industrial rock, like Rammstein and KMFDM. I'm addicted to serial killers, mass murders, spree killers, Columbine, Ted Bundy, I know this... that's why I'm here lol. So ""we can be psychos together"...
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hello peoples
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