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 5 Female Nazi War Criminals

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PostSubject: 5 Female Nazi War Criminals   Fri May 14, 2010 2:26 am

When you hear the word Nazi, the initial image it conjures is of a young man dressed in an authoritative uniform, complete with a bone-chilling red armband. So, it may be surprising to learn that a number of women were also guilty of brutal acts against the prisoners of Nazi Germany. Not all of these women started life as people who were capable of these awful deeds. Some were predisposed to violence, but others entered Nazi service as a way to escape a life of hardship and poverty. Ultimately, these women bought into Hitler's message hook, line and sinker, and many lives were senselessly lost at their very hands. Here are five of the most notorious female Nazi war criminals.

Juana Bormann
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At barely 5 feet tall, perhaps it was Juana Bormann's slight stature that prompted her to send her vicious wolfhounds to do her evil bidding. She was employed at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland and was known as "the woman with the dogs" for her tendency to sic her canines on prisoners and consequently tear them to pieces. She was sentenced to hanging and executed in December of 1945.

Maria Mandel
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This Aufseherin, the German job title for a female concentration camp attendant, was reputed to be smart as a whip and mean as a snake. She had an affinity for classical music and listened to it when selecting women and children for the gas chambers — a deed she particularly enjoyed. She was arrested at Auschwitz in August of 1945 and was executed in 1947.

Herta Bothe
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Herta Bothe claimed that she was forced to take employment at a concentration camp or she would have been put in one. Yet, she remained unrepentant for her war crimes, which included mercilessly beating prisoners, particularly the sick and defenseless. Bothe was arrested when British troops liberated the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and she served 10 years in prison before she was released. There are conflicting reports about whether or not she's still alive.

Ilse Koch
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Ilse Koch, better known as the "Bitch of Buchenwald," was actually not a concentration camp guard, but instead the wife of a camp commander. She flaunted about the camp in revealing clothing, tempting prisoners to look at her, for which they received a bullet. She reportedly scoped out prisoners' tattoos she liked, had the men killed and their skin made into lampshades. This was never proven, but she was ultimately convicted of murder. Koch committed suicide in jail.

Irma Grese
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Irma Grese is perhaps the most notorious female Nazi war criminal. She was nicknamed the "Beautiful Beast" because only her ferocity rivaled her good looks. She was one of the few high-ranking female concentration camp guards, and she used her power for pure evil. She was well known for her sadistic attacks on prisoners that included randomly shooting at them and whipping them with a specially made cellophane whip that she commissioned herself. She was hanged for her crimes on the same day as Juana Bormann.
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PostSubject: Re: 5 Female Nazi War Criminals   Fri May 14, 2010 2:43 am

Superb post!! the world needs to know about these sadistic nazi ladys.
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5 Female Nazi War Criminals
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