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 August: Man's Genitals Glued to His Stomach in Act of Vengeance

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August: Man's Genitals Glued to His Stomach in Act of Vengeance Empty
PostSubject: August: Man's Genitals Glued to His Stomach in Act of Vengeance   August: Man's Genitals Glued to His Stomach in Act of Vengeance EmptyFri May 14, 2010 1:47 am

Man's Genitals Glued to His Stomach in Act of Vengeance
August 07, 2009
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Michelle Belliveau, Therese Ziemann, and Wendy Sewell

According to authorities in Wisconsin, four women—including the victim's wife—last Thursday, July 30, 2009, lured a man to a motel room in the small town of Stockbridge, located near Lake Winnebago and about 30 miles southwest of Green Bay, for an alleged act of revenge for the man's purported philandering, using the prospect of sex as a ruse. The man's name, as well as that of his wife's, is not being revealed to help protect his identity due to the fact that he is an alleged victim of sexual assault.

The bizarre story began to unfold when the married man met Therese Ziemann, 48, of Menasha, at the motel and agreed to allow himself to be bound and blindfolded using sheets and a pillowcase, with the expectation that Ziemann was going to give him a "rub down." After binding him, however, Ziemann allegedly cut off his underwear with scissors and sent text messages to the other three women informing them that "he's tied up" and instructing them to come to the motel room. When the other women arrived, according to the criminal complaints, Ziemann then struck the man in the face, and used super glue to attach his penis to his stomach as the other women watched. When he began screaming, the women ran away out of fear that he might break free. They took his cellular phone, wallet, and his car with them when they fled the alleged crime scene.

According to court documents filed in Calumet County, the women in question—Ziemann, Michelle Belliveau, 43, Wendy Sewell, also 43, and the man's wife—were each charged with participating in false imprisonment, a felony. Ziemann was also charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and misdemeanor battery. Although the women were freed on bail of $200 each, they each face a potential penalty of six years in prison if convicted of the charges. Belliveau was the only woman in the group who had not been romantically involved with the man, who was described as a philanderer involved in a lover's quadrangle that had gone sideways.

When the man spoke with investigators, he told them that Ziemann had also threatened him with a gun. He said that he had seen Belliveau hand Ziemann a silver handgun approximately four-inches in length, according to the criminal complaint against Ziemann, at which time he alleged that Ziemann pointed the weapon at his head and his penis and said, "Your (sic) lucky they will not let me shoot."

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However, Ziemann told the cops that she did not have a gun but may have asked the man if he knew how much she wanted to shoot him. She explained that she had met the man online through a Craigslist ad, and had fallen in love with him. She also said that she had given the man $3,000, and had paid for the motel room for about two months. She also said that prior to the attack she had learned from the man's wife that he was married and that he was seeing other women that he was "using…for money." Ziemann claimed that she held the expectation that the money she had given the man would be repaid. She also said that the man was not aware that his wife had been contacting all of his girlfriends and informing them about his infidelity.

According to the criminal complaint, Ziemann also stated that the man's wife told him, "Wow, you really get small when your (sic) scared."

"I am disturbed," Sewell said later. "I am upset. I am having a hard time handling life—an emotional wreck. I am ashamed."

Sewell also said that Belliveau had not done anything wrong by being present during the incident.

"She was just there for moral support," Sewell added. "She wasn't even dating the guy. She stood at the door the whole time and didn't participate or nothing."

The victim apparently was able to chew through his bindings and escape, after which he found the motel manager and called the police.

The victim was treated at a local medical facility and released. In a somewhat ironic turn of events, he was later arrested on accusations of child abuse, theft, unlawful phone use and harassment, allegedly for making a death threat. Although he had not been formally charged, the accusations stemmed from a purported domestic abuse investigation.
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August: Man's Genitals Glued to His Stomach in Act of Vengeance
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